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#127: Long time no see!

Hello everyone. I thought I'd do a very quick mod post to let you know this journal isn't quite dead (yet, anyway).
I hope you all enjoyed your summers! I had a few stupid virus scares over the summer (damn you streaming sites!) which knocked my interweb confidence for a little bit, but I'm thinking of doing a couple of stock posts in the next two weeks to make up for not posting here since...June. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't thought of closing this community, but the older posts seem to be popular so at least if I leave them open and running, you can get at those icons whenever you want.
Saying that, the community has somehow grown in members despite the lack of posts, (even more suprising since the posts are public, so you don't have to join at all!) YOU GUUUUUUYS! XD

So....idk I hope you like the stock icons I post once I've made them- thinking of starting the first batch tonight. Any particular type of stock you guys want? I'm thinking of basing the first batch as a Seasonal since it's the start of Autumn <3


#126: Disney, ISWAK & Taylor Swift

Hey guys! It's been a few weeks since I posted, I'm in a bit of an iconing slump, if I'm honest. Since all I do is add colouring - mostly ones I get off tutorials (don't worry, all my credits are in my resources post! I'm not that arrogant/bitchy!), I feel like my icons aren't really cutting it and they're quite dull, and when I do try to be creative, they end up looking absolutely awful (see the previous post, oy vey). Of course, I shouldn't really worry too much about this and just post whatever the hell I want, but still I like to make people happy, I know how annoying it is when icons just don't look...right. But I'm not much into the current "Trends" going around so...plain and boring it is, I'm afraid. Either way, I hope you enjoy these and don't mind it too much. (Hopefully Tinypic won't have a fit against me either and delete random icons once this is posted @.@).

+ 4 Disney (3 entries for disney_hush's black and white challenge)
+ 15 It Started with a Kiss/ISWAK (Twdrama)
+ 10 Taylor Swift


1 2 3

And I wanted to be all you need, somehow here is gone.Collapse )

#125: 49 Days and Castle

I really wanted to make some icons of my latest Kdrama obsession (quite possibly the best drama I'll have watched all year, I highly recommend it to everybody! *twitch*), and then I saw the Castle finale, so I couldn't not icon that!!!
I apologise if these aren't very good, I decided to try and be a bit more adventurous with my bases...I'm unsure about some of them but figured I might as well post them anyway. Hope you like them!

+ 15 Castle (Knockout/S3 Finale)

+ 14 Kdrama: 49 Days (episode 1)

1 2 3

The last thing you want is to look back on your life and wonder… if onlyCollapse )

#124: Stock (Disney and Animals)

Oh man, it's been a few weeks since I posted, sorry guys! Here is a new batch full of adorable kittens and puppies to make it up to you!

+ 8 Disney Stock
+ 20 Stock (Animals: Kittens and Puppies XD)


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I woke up this morning with a dead weight on my arm, otherwise known as my cat ¬.¬Collapse )

#123: Summer and Japan Stock

It's lovely and summery today :3. Hope you like these stock icons and that you're all enjoying the abnormally warm/sunny british weather! I know I am!

+ 21 Stock/Tokyo,Japan

+ 30 Stock/Summer


1 2 3

If you can believe me, take me homeCollapse )
Here we go guys, and for the first time in ages, these aren't just plain bases, I've actually used textures on some of them! *LE GASP*

I've added the maker of the textures to my Resources list, like a good girl, so if you want to see you can go there :3

+ 9 Anastasia
+ 9 Harry Potter Stock
+ 9 Winnie the Pooh (Disney & original illustrations)


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I can see you're going to be rather feisty today!Collapse )

#121: Affiliate Promoting

I promised last month I'd do an affiliate promoting post, so here it is.

I don't really know...exactly how affiliates are supposed to work but I figured, what good is having them without pimping them out to the people who watch this community a little bit! I only have 3 affiliates so far, but if you would like to affiliate with this icon journal, feel free to comment here and I'll happily affiliate with you and promote your journals/communities in the next promo post I do ^.^

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

hanas_room, 152insights and softinkdesigns :3

I'm going to do a proper icon post tomorrow so, that's all for now :3 have a good saturday/sunday!
I hope you like these!!
I'll be doing an Affliate pimping post in the future, so if anybody has icon coms/journals they'd like to affiliate with me and haven't yet, feel
free to common on the post (link in the profile!) and I'll gladly affiliate with you! :D

+ 6 Kate Voegele
+ 12 Aly & Aj
+ 12 Kim So Eun
+ 22 Stock: Fairytales


1 2 3 4

Hey there li'l red riding hood...Collapse )
This will be my last icon post until after my Uni deadlines for this term are done. They take priority obviously and I need as little distractions as possible XD. It's only until mid-april though so it isn't ages away. I'm sure you'll all manage without me ;3

Hope you like these!

+ 6 Kdrama: My Princess

+ 10 Kdrama: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

+ 7 Actress: Shin Min Ah

+ 18 Stock (Magic)


1 2 3

Hoi Hoi!Collapse )

#118: 27 Hunger Games "Keep Calm" icons

This icon batch was inspired by both posters I have seen on tumblr and a conversation my friend and I had last night after she finished book one of the hunger games!
They're just very simple and only one colour, due to my laziness. But if they go down well, I might make more for the other books in various colours, idk any feedback would be lovely!

I hope you like them, I still have the bases if anybody wants to request any, feel free in the comments and I'll gladly make you what I can :3

+ 27 "Keep Calm" icons (Hunger Games Themed: Obvious spoilers for book 1!)


1 2 3

Keep Calm and~Collapse )


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