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Let me just take a moment to say a huge THANK YOU! to all the members/followers of this journal! The posts are open to the public so therefore nobody has to join or watch, and yet somehow this com has grown to have 204 members and 215 watchers! TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN WATCHERS! I'm gobsmacked! Seriously, thank you!!

+ 12 Stock (Seasonal: Spring- requested by pasadora)
+ 14 Disney's Tangled
+ 7 The Girl who leapt through Time (anime)


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Smile again~ Arigatou~Collapse )

#116: Arashi, SNSD and Stock

Hmph it did it again. 2 days after posting the last batch and one of the icons went *poof*. I noticed it seems to always be the 10th icon posted...I'll hang onto the icons after posting them for a few days and see if it happens again..if it does, I'll look into using a different hoster.


+ 21 Arashi (mainly Aiba's AnAn)
+ 8 SNSD
+ 9 Stock

Hope you like them!


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Forever I will continue to iluminate youCollapse )
Here we go, sorry it's been a few weeks since I posted. I love my iconing drive and uni started back up again so busy busy~

I've noticed I've had a problem with the icons, the last two times I've posted. I don't know if it's tinypic being stupid, but once I post the icons...I come back the next day to check them or reply to a comment or w.e.. and I notice one of the icons will gone *poof* into thin air replaced by the "whoops this image has been moved" sign tinypic has...when I go back to tp, it's not there at all. Anybody else having this problem? Either way I hope it stops soon, it's getting irritating LOL. Hope you're all well and like these icons :3 (I totally plan on making some Arashi icons next, it's been far too long...plus Aiba's AnAn is epically awesome.)

+ 8 Shin Min Ah
+ 13 My Princess (Kdrama)
+ 19 Orange Days (Jdrama)


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There's gonna be a heartache tonight...Collapse )

#114: Burlesque and Various Kdramas

+ 9 Burlesque

+ 25 Various Kdramas (4 Athena: Goddess of War, 11 My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, 10 Playful Kiss)


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Show a little more, Show a little less. Add a little smoke, Welcome to BurlesqueCollapse )
Happy New Year guys!! Hope you all had a good holiday :3, here are some icons I came up with in the past week, as usual they're just bases really, nothing fancy schmancy. I'm planning on making some Burlesque/Chicago icons within the next week or so ;3

+ 9 Kana Nishino

+ 15 Gilmore Girls (various season 4)

+ 18 Charmed (6x01-6x03)


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Phoebe, how many times have I told you not to play dress-up with the demons? Collapse )
Happy New Year everyone! Hope you had an awesome christmas, and that you enjoy 2011!

+ 13 Perfume (Jpop)
+ 13 Alice in Wonderland (Disney)
+ 24 Disney Concept Art

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Why is a raven like a writing desk?Collapse )
I originally wanted to do a last post of Christmas stock and some Arashi icons, since I haven't made any arashi icons since October ;.; but...idk my motivations are running low on that so...here goes. And since this shall be the last icon update before christmas, I want to wish all the members/watchers of this journal/community MERRY CHRISTMAS!. I hope you all have an awesome time, stuffing yourselves full of food and hopefully getting some awesome presents from your loved ones :3

+ 24 Various Actresses;mostly Korean (Go Ara; Gong Hyo-Jin; Min Hyo-Rin; Nam Gyu-Ri; Park Min-Young; Rainie Yang; Yoon Eun-Hye)

+ 8 SNSD


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Through the wardrobe, past the coats...Collapse )

#110: Book covers, Fashion/Reading stock

Because I'm hella excited about getting my kindle <3. Hope you like these! (omg this journal has 202 watchers! O.o whut is this!)

+ 13 Various Book Covers (Matched; Gemma Doyle Trilogy; Beauty; The Hunger Games; Sophie Kinsella; Tuck Everlasting)

+ 28 Fashion/Reading/Book stock


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Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book. ~Author UnknownCollapse )

#109: Christmas and Japan Stock

+ Stock Icons

- 20 Japan
- 16 Christmas

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It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas...Collapse )

#108: Music and CCS Artbook scans

Ho ma gawd nearly 200 members/watchers! O.o!

+ 22 Stock (Musical Instruments/Music)
+ 10 flute
+ 6 Violin
+ 6 Music general

+ 23 Cardcaptor Sakura (Artwork scans)

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A few musical notes here and there tell a storyCollapse )


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